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How I paint (click on image to view)


Explanation of how I paint

The starting of most of my painting is fairly spontaneous. I usually let the marks on the canvas dictate the ‘story’ of the painting.  Often I ‘prepare’ the canvas by gluing on pieces of collage (fabric, paper and other bibs and bobs) and/ or I might splash paint or ink on it and let it dribble and run.  Once there are some marks on the canvas I look for images and patterns which I draw out in charcoal; or sometimes I just doodle an image in charcoal strait onto a blank canvas and work from that.  Sometimes I add more texture with paste or collage or outline with gap filler. 

As the painting progresses the previous marks and blobs of paint suggest where I should go next.  A lot of the time the paintings turn out to be what I call remembered or imagined aerial views of landscape.  Other times they are fanciful images of people or animals.    

I work fairly quickly with several paintings in the making at one time.  Some works are finished in a day or two, others I might keep revisiting over a couple of years.