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Vianta Arts presents PatriciaWheatstone

My Solo Exhibition at Vianta Arts runs from 1 April until 24 April 2021. Opening with a talk by fellow artist Elizabeth Hallows is …

Red and Blue

Materials/Media: acrylic paint on paper Dimensions: 42 x 59 cm (not framed) Price: $1,250 ID: w.0001.11   Inspiration/Story: Inside the studio with a vase of hydreangers.  

Still Life with Yellow Hat

Materials/Media: Acrylic paint on paper Dimensions: 41.5 x 50.5 cm ID: w. 0002.11 Price: $1,250 + postage (not framed) Competitions and Awards: Inspiration/Story: In the studio with these palm leaves and …

Still Life with Palm Frond

Materials/Media:acrylic paint on paper Dimensions: 41.5 x 59 cm ID: w.0004.11 Price $1,250 + postage (not framed) Inspiration/Story: I painted this bunch of hydrangers and palm fronds in the studio.