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Why we Need Art (click on image to view)


Family Portrait

Acrylic paint on canvas

46 x 61 cm

This painting now has a home in Sydney

Why We Need Art

Owning and displaying art in your home enriches our lives by providing visual stimulation and enjoyment.

Art can soothe, relax or enliven us. It creates a space into which our imaginations can escape.

Art choice is personal.  Being ‘handmade’ and unique, rather than mass produced, original art enhances our own individual style.

Art makes us human.  Artistic creations touch the inner depths of our being.

Art is reflects our past and inspires our future.

Art is communication – visual images connect us to stories, feelings and experiences.

Art is a sharing of experiences and imaginations.

Art is unique. It can trigger new perceptions and ideas, and stimulate interesting conversations.

Original art is imbued with the joy and passion of the artist.  It is loaded with positive energy.

Selecting and buying your own original artwork and seeing it on your wall is an exciting experience.

Long after our other possessions are assigned to landfill, your art will continue to inspire us and give Joy.

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