I’ve almost finished the prep for my exhibition and tomorrow I’m off to the little island of Bali.  I’ve never been to Bali before so am looking forward to some sun, surf and magic, or at least some fun times with my beloved and a chance to visit some arty places.

Of the 23 paintings I planned to hang in the exhibition, I have completed 20 with another 2 well on the way, and only one is still a blank canvas – maybe I’ll finish it when I get back, or maybe I won’t.

Life is so exciting!


I’m back and Bali is lovely.  We had a wonderful week 4 days in Nusa Dua and 4 days at Ubud.  I have thousands of photos.  I love that the Balinese seem to make everything look picturesque and beautiful seemingly without effort. Right now I am sooo busy getting my artworks ready for my exhibition that opens this week.